Gospel of John {3:16-21, 10:7-11, 14:1-9, 15:5-10, 16:5-15, 20:30-31}
I. When you choose Religion, you will exalt … S E L F
When you trust & follow Jesus Christ, you will exalt the S A V I O R & L O R D
Romans 3 / Ephesians 2 / Philippians 2:8-11 / Revelation 2:1-5
II. When you take hold of Religion, you will count on Jesus PLUS OTHER THINGS
When Jesus is your Savior & Lord, you count all things loss so that you will K N O W & L I V E for Him alone
Philippians  3
III. When you love Religion, you are interested in Jesus because He is U S E F U L to you (that is, what you think you can get from Jesus)
When you love Jesus Christ, you are interested in trusting & following Him because of WHO HE IS!
Colossians 1:15-20

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